The college offers a complete course in cosmetology and hairdressing. The content of this course is taught over a period of 12 months (approx. 50 weeks), with 30 hours per week. The course is a full-time program for a minimum of 1500 clock hours. Upon completion of this course, the student will have acquired the technical abilities and academic theories that will enable them to meet the requirements of the Missouri State Board of Cosmetology for licensure. This will also allow the graduate to obtain an entry level position, perform cosmetology services offered in a full-service salon, and be able to work to earn a living. Other opportunities include the ownership of a salon, sales, marketing, platform work, instructor, and stylist specialist.

The units of study and the completion requirements exceed those required by the Missouri State Board of Cosmetology.

Gainful Employment Disclosure

Course: Cosmetology
CIP CODE 12.0401

On Time Completion Rate 2015: 0%

Completion Rate: 57%

Job Placement Rate for this course: 75%

Licensure Rate for this course: 100%

Median Loan Debt per graduate: $6500.00

The Esthetics course offered by the College is a study in the practice and theory of Esthetics. Throughout the course, students will learn the skills and other requirements necessary to procure a license through the Missouri State Board of Cosmetology.The course itself is 750 hours of training, consisting of theory as well as hands-on training spanning 26 weeks.

Gainful Employment Disclosure

Course: Esthetics
CIP CODE 12.0409

Course Length: 750 Clock Hours: 26 weeks

Completion Rate 2015: 100%

Job Placement Rate for this course: 100%

Licensure Rate for this course: 100%

Median Loan Debt per graduate:  $5417.00

Our Instructor Training is a course of study and educational discipline to prepare a licensed cosmetologist to become a qualified instructor in a licensed school of cosmetology.

The objective of the course is to have the student acquire the ability to pass the State Board of Cosmetology examinations and become a successful licensed instructor.

This course uses various methods of instruction, including observation, planning, preparation, presentaion, and evaluation.

Gainful Employment Disclosure

Course: Instructor Training
CIP CODE 12.0413

Course Length: 600 Clock Hours: 20-23.2 weeks

Completion Rate 2015: 100%

On Time Completion Rate: 100%

Job Placement Rate for this course: 50%

Licensure Rate for this course: 100%

Median Loan Debt per graduate: $3176.00